Fun Music Broadcasting Live Streaming and PTZ Cameras-A must-have item for 2021 Internet celebrity anchors

2021-06-21 15:54:17 qulbo 11

Just like the ad slogan "Recording a good life", the rise of the live broadcast industry, in addition to the help of many apps, people's concepts have also quietly changed. More and more people are willing to use various camera and video equipment to record their own Life also allows others to see more of the state of a good life and interesting people and things. Fun Music Broadcasting Live Broadcast and PTZ has gradually become a must-have item for Chinese Internet celebrity anchors.

As an auxiliary face tracking artifact for action cameras and mirrorless cameras, AI facial recognition, and positioning tracking functions, Fun Music Broadcast Live Follow-up PTZ fully frees your hands and ensures that users can easily record a complete video blog. Video creators provide more convenience.

   Fun Music Broadcasting and Shooting PTZ, the main color is black and gray. When in use, the black vertical shaft is driven to rotate by the motor on the shaft, and the base maintains the overall balance of the product. The brand logo of Funlebo is posted on the front. At the bottom is the product follow indicator, power indicator, etc. On the back of the product, there is a power button and Type-C interface.

USB computer camera


On the top of the product, there is a rotating and translating threaded port, which the user can use to connect the phone clip, adapt the microphone, fill light, etc. During video shooting or live broadcast, you can connect a tripod to stabilize the product and the phone.

Funlebroadcast PTZ uses intelligent algorithms to achieve AI tracking. The device is equipped with a high-resolution camera and a powerful chip to maintain stable tracking. The device can perform 360° panoramic follow-up of mobile phones and sports cameras. Whether it is live broadcast or outdoor video shooting, you can easily and uninterrupted video recording. At the same time, users can easily realize 360° rotation and angle hovering through remote control.

The panning function of    Fun Music Play and Shoot PTZ provides users with a variety of playback options, so that sports cameras and mirrorless cameras can easily capture 360-degree surround sound, and users can hover at any angle. At the same time, the device can be used with all sports cameras on the market by adjusting the rotation and locking the pan-tilt to realize the follow-up function.

Fun music broadcast and camera pan-tilt, greatly improved the playability of live broadcast, 360-degree panoramic rotation, human tracking, horizontal and vertical lens switching, various practical functions greatly meet the needs of users, pan-tilt can be used for live broadcast, with babies , Online course follow-up, etc.

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