Mu Yuan Follower PTZ: What are the features of the live follower PTZ?

2021-06-17 15:36:44 qulebo01 3

After many years of updates and upgrades to the PTZ camera, the live PTZ camera has been continuously upgraded, and the scope of applicable scenes and anti-shake technology has been continuously expanded, from the earliest selfie stick to the mobile phone holder and the three-axis stabilizer!

Now you can take photos while walking, but before you could only take photos on a fixed basis. You can also use live broadcast in extreme sports, follow the camera to shoot video.

Only one important requirement has been improved and updated. This is to make the captured image more stable.

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What is the pan/tilt function of the live broadcast?

1. Stability

Many people have been exposed to the short video shooting of Bernier and PTZ, but the high-quality short films that I shoot blindly are still very different from the ones I carefully shoot. In addition to professional editing and post-processing, there is a saying called "no jitter/tilt, no photos".

You can't take pictures without a live gimbal, but if you don't use the gimbal as a stabilizer, it will shake very badly during the shooting, making it uncomfortable to watch. In fact, no photos are useful.

Although Bernier is a professional photographer who has been working for many years, it is impossible to take stable photos without auxiliary equipment, let alone ordinary people. Therefore, for ordinary people who want to improve the quality of video images, the humanized real-time PTZ is actually very obvious.

2. Rich gameplay

The current mobile phone music is actually relatively complete in terms of gameplay and functions. For an ordinary person, owning a three-axis pan/tilt mobile phone is equivalent to opening the door to a new way of shooting. With the help of pan and tilt, you can easily achieve smooth scrolling and mirroring. You can also use the tool's automatic control algorithm to perfect your professional shooting style, such as panoramic or time-lapse photography.

The subsequent flexible swing/tilt folding arm can not only maintain the stability of the lens, but also directly shoot more interesting transition effects and video continuity

These actions are difficult to complete when shooting handheld, but become easy when using a pan-tilt camera.

3. Easy to carry and easy to use

In the past, the use of stabilizers only existed in the film and television industries. Bernier's professional gimbal photography equipment, such as Steadicam, allows photographers to take very stable photos while walking, but its size and high price are not suitable for everyone.

The wide use of small portable pan/tilt also greatly reduces the threshold for making short videos of Bernier pan/tilt, so that ordinary people can also use the on-site pan/tilt for production. Turn your idea into a work of art. For those who want to learn, it is not difficult to find a second job in video production or become an influencer.

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