Intelligent follow-up pan/tilt: An AI follow-up pan/tilt is necessary for internet celebrity anchors!

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All the beauty in our lives comes from records! This is our life. With the rapid development of the Internet, people are good at using various camera equipment to record their lives and different interesting things, and then upload them to the Internet for permanent storage. Some enthusiastic companies discovered business opportunities and developed short video platforms, which allowed us to see some creative works. The phrase "Intelligent follow-up pan/tilt" has also entered our screen.

USB computer camera

This year, this boom has brought unprecedented hordes of goods to be transported on the Internet! Fans who want to invest in the short video industry but do not have an expert team can choose to start with smart cameras. As a mobile phone Pan Tilt, action camera, mirrorless camera's auxiliary tracking artifact, AI facial recognition and location tracking, it provides great convenience for video creators. For video creators. What kind of cultural relics are they? Let's find out next!

We started with the TELESIN smart follow-up pan/tilt released by Tai Motion. This is an auxiliary artifact that can free your hands, break the shackles, and record a more complete video blog. How do you use it? What are the black technologies to choose from? The author answers one by one below.

The first step after receipt is to unpack: After unpacking, I looked at the renderings of the product packaging box and bluntly sighed that this thing is really visible to the naked eye! After taking out the product, I did not let it The author is disappointed. In general, the appearance is round and fleshy, it looks very cute and makes people feel cordial. The accessories are also very simple. In addition to the smart pan/tilt camera, there is also a Type-C data cable, a pan/tilt remote control and a product manual. The whole thing is very simple and clear.

The pan/tilt of the TELESIN smart camera is completely black, with a gray rotating base glued to the bottom. The boundary between black and gray is the boundary between the rotation axis and the rotation base. When in use, the black shaft is rotated by the motor on the shaft, while the base maintains the overall balance of the product. The front is the brand logo of TELESIN. At the bottom is the product follow indicator, power indicator and camera AI module. On the back of the product, there is a power button and Type-C interface.

On the top of the product, there is a rotary lock pan/tilt and a universal 1/4 screw interface. You can use it to connect phone clips, adapter microphones, fill lights, etc. no problem. It is easy to connect. At the bottom, you will find the basic parameters of the product, product model and 1/4 nut interface. During video shooting or live broadcasting, you can connect a tripod to stabilize the product and the phone.

Operation: It is very easy to connect the mobile phone holder. Install the cell phone clamp nut on the 1/4 screw interface on the top of the product and tighten it, then turn it to the right to lock the rotation and lock the universal joint. Next, adjust the size of the phone holder and place the phone in a stable position before use.

The delivered PTZ remote control is very small, compact in structure, light in weight and light in weight. The control is also very simple. The round button on the side is the power switch key, which can be used to disconnect or connect the pan/tilt camera. There are large and small round buttons on the front. Clicking the top of the big circle button will rotate to the left, and clicking the bottom will rotate to the right, the opposite of the top. Tap the right end. The part rotates to the right and the left end rotates to the left. If it is in the center, it will stop rotating. Simply press the small round button at the bottom of the pan/tilt remote control to turn on or off smart follow.

This product has a high-resolution camera and a powerful chip that can maintain stable tracking, even with AI tracking using smart algorithms. It can perform 360° panoramic follow-up of mobile phones and sports cameras, whether it is live broadcast or outdoor shooting, it can record video without interruption in any scene.

The author can use the pan/tilt remote control to intelligently operate the TELESIN and track the pan/tilt dynamic image. It can easily achieve 360° rotation and hovering at any angle, and the connection distance of the remote control can reach 10 meters. There is no need to connect the product to the APP, just turn on the power. Warm reminder: If you want to hover the product at any angle, you need the remote control function. This is crucial.

The pan/tilt function of the TELESIN smart camera provides a variety of playback options, so that both sports cameras and mirrorless cameras can capture 360-degree surround sound and hover at any angle to create more interesting videos. It can be used in conjunction with all sports cameras on the market, and is also suitable for all small and light mirrorless cameras on the market to realize the follow-up function. The installation method is the same as the mobile phone holder. Tighten the interface, adjust the rotation and lock the gimbal, then you can fix it and start using it.

About battery life: It uses polymer lithium electronic battery with a battery capacity of 1500mAh, and the super battery life can reach 5 hours. The charging time is only 2 hours, which can extend the battery life. If no one operates or recognizes, the device will automatically enter the shutdown sleep mode after 15 minutes.

Through recording life and tracking shooting, the playability of the device has been greatly improved. Excellent functions such as 360-degree panoramic rotation, human tracking, AI algorithm, horizontal and vertical switching, and super battery life also greatly reduce users' concerns. The TELESIN smart follow-up pan/tilt can be used for live broadcast and very rich video scenes, such as bringing a baby, and online course follow-up. The product has a variety of powerful performance, but the power consumption is very low, so the author can experience it and feel very comfortable. You can choose to redistribute products with the most recent double 12 discount. This can be very cost-effective.

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