Outdoor live streaming pan/tilt camera: What type of follow-up pan/tilt is suitable for self-media entrepreneurs?

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The main pursuit of self-media entrepreneurs is cost-effectiveness. In fact, there are many stabilizers suitable for self-media entrepreneurs, but I don't know if we are talking about mobile phone stabilizers or camera stabilizers. Let us discuss them one by one. For those who have mobile phones and micro-singles, please consider Feiyu G6P and Zhiyun M2 which support mobile phones, micro-singles, card machines and other devices. G6P is about a year faster than M2, and it is better than M2 in all aspects. It is easier to use. After all, the technology has matured. In order to achieve its compact goal, M2 gave up many things, including a handle that was too short to hold.

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If you just want to use your mobile phone as a shooting device, you can consider DJI Osmo Moblie3 and ZhiyunSmooth 4, Feiyu VLOG Pocket, and Vimble2. If you have money, you can start Osmo Moblie3. All aspects are good. The price of Smooth4 is the same as that of OsmoMoblie3. However, if you have money, you will have to buy Osmo Moblie 3 directly. After all, DJI can also be folded and stored.

The subsequent pan/tilt of Feiyu Live should be the most cost-effective. The original price of VLOG Pocket is more than 400 points, which can be cancelled after more than 300 events. This is also a foldable mobile phone stabilizer. Its volume is much smaller than OsmoMoblie3. It can meet the daily shooting needs of beginners. If you have high requirements for shooting equipment, please take a look at Vimble2, which is a mobile phone stabilizer with an extension rod. It has an 18cm extension rod and a four-way joystick, which can be controlled more appropriately.

You can consider all SLR camera stabilizers, DJI Ruying S, Feiyu AK4500 and Zhiyun Yunhe 3. The effects of these three stabilizers are similar. If you have money, we suggest you start directly with DJI Ruiying S. If you don't have money, you can consider AK4500 and Yunhe3, depending on what you want to buy. For example, if you need one-key horizontal and vertical shooting, choose AK4500; if it is video transmission, choose Yunhe3.

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In fact, since I have not yet started to make money and basically have no source of income, I can only choose a more cost-effective stabilizer suitable for self-media entrepreneurs for live broadcast and pan/tilt shooting. Please choose the appropriate stabilizer according to your requirements. A cost-effective stabilizer, use it first, and then use it when your shooting skills are good. Then your editing skills will be very good, and it won't be too late to switch to something better.

Pan Tilt on mobile phones is actually relatively complete in terms of gameplay and functions. For ordinary people, owning a three-axis mobile phone PTZ is like opening a door to a new way of shooting. With PTZ, you can easily achieve smooth sliding and pan mirroring. You can also use the automatic control algorithm of the device to perfect your professional shooting style, such as panoramic photography or time-lapse photography.

The flexible follow-up pan/tilt folding arm can not only maintain the stability of shooting, but also directly shoot more cool video continuous transition effects.

In handheld shooting, these actions may be difficult to complete, but using a pan-tilt camera will become easier.

Finally, the editors will share the essence of dry goods knowledge.

The subsequent pan/tilt update and repeat of the live broadcast are fast, so you need to choose the latest brand, which is more cost-effective.

The gimbal of some cameras is two-axis stable, it is recommended to choose three-axis stable.

When choosing a phone to match your pan/tilt, you need to make sure it fits the accessories you need.

If you have the opportunity to experience offline, you can first go to the offline experience store to experience it. You can also compare offline and online prices at the time of purchase.

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