Live broadcast follow-up pan/tilt: What type of outdoor live broadcast pan/tilt camera is suitable for students to use?

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The student party’s main pursuit is cost performance. Of course, there are many stabilizers suitable for students to use, but I don’t know if you are talking about a mobile phone stabilizer or a camera stabilizer. For students who have mobile phones and micro-single, you can consider Feiyu G6P and Zhiyun M2, both of which support mobile phones, micro-single, card machines and other devices. G6P is about a year earlier than M2, so it is better than M2 in all aspects. It is easier to use. After all, the technology has matured. In order to achieve the purpose of compactness, M2 gave up a lot, such as the handle is too short, uncomfortable to hold.

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If you only use a mobile phone as a shooting device, DJI Osmo Moblie 3 and Zhiyun Smooth 4, Feiyu VLOG Pocket, and Vimble2 can all be considered. If you have money, you can start Osmo Moblie 3. All aspects are better. The price of Smooth 4 is similar to that of Osmo Moblie 3. , But if you have money, you should buy Osmo Moblie 3 directly, after all, DJI can also be folded for storage.

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Feiyu's live broadcast follow-up pan/tilt should be the most cost-effective. The original price of the VLOG pocket is more than 400 points, and it can be taken off after more than 300 activities. This is also a foldable mobile phone stabilizer. The volume is much smaller than Osmo Moblie 3. It can meet the daily shooting needs of novices. For those who have higher requirements for shooting equipment, you can take a look at Vimble2, which is a mobile phone stabilizer with an extension rod. It has an 18CM extension rod and a four-way joystick for better control.

SLR camera stabilizers, DJI Ruying S, Feiyu AK4500 and Zhiyun Yunhe 3 can all be considered. The effects of these three stabilizers are similar. It is recommended that you start directly with DJI Ruiying S if you have money. If you have no money, consider AK4500 and Yunhe 3, depending on which one you want to buy. For example, if you want one-key horizontal and vertical shooting, choose AK4500, and choose Yunhe 3 for video transmission.

In fact, the live broadcast follow-up camera suitable for students can only choose a stabilizer with a high cost performance, because I have not started to make money and basically have no source of income. Choose the stabilizer that suits your conditions. The cost-effective stabilizer, let's use it first, wait until the shooting technology is good. And the editing skills are superb, and it’s not too late to switch to better ones.

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Finally, the editor shares the main points of dry goods knowledge:

The live broadcast follow-up pan/tilt is updated and iterated quickly, so you must choose the latest brand, which is more cost-effective!

Some camera pan/tilts are two-axis anti-shake, it is best to choose three-axis anti-shake.

When choosing a mobile phone to follow the pan/tilt, you need to see if there is a suit that matches the accessories you need!

If you have an opportunity to experience offline, you can go to an offline experience store to experience it first. When buying, you can also compare offline and online prices.

It is recommended to choose a mobile phone stabilizer that can be used directly without leveling.

Choose the wide-angle lens of your mobile phone carefully. Some gimbals are not compatible and the shooting picture will appear!

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