[Follow pan/tilt] How to use pan/tilt to shoot high-quality video in wedding scenes?

2021-06-10 16:19:00 qulbo 3

Follow-up photography of pan-tilt and mirror moving equipment has been a particularly active topic among short video creators in recent years. Regarding equipment update iterations and upgrades, from the initial selfie stick to the mobile phone holder to the three-axis stabilizer.

Of course, in addition to the expansion of the scene range and the high-efficiency upgrade of the stable technology, follow the creative gameplay of the camera!

How can the pan/tilt camera make better use of its advantages in the wedding scene?

Whether it is used in a wedding scene or a dance scene, the follow-up pan/tilt, in fact, no matter what kind of scene, we need to master some basic principles of the follow-up pan/tilt.

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How to make good use of the advantages of the pan/tilt camera, and use it skillfully, in order to give full play to the advantages!

1. There is a bit of shaking when shooting a video, so hold it firmly

Learning to shoot short videos, it is impossible to buy tens of thousands of pieces of equipment as soon as it comes up. It is also the help of my colleagues. So there is no shooting skills at all. However, newcomers often make a mistake: the phone is unstable and the shooting angle is not ideal. This can only be done by talking and learning to make the photographer pay more attention.

2. Appropriate use of beauty, pay attention to appearance

There should be a slight beautification in the video, I haven't used makeup before. If I don't use beautification, it will be difficult to get into the state. For example, I still have dandruff on my head. If I use it appropriately, I can improve my self-confidence and normal performance.

Frequent blinking, I also found this problem. The blinking speed is very fast. On the one hand, it is really nervous and unnatural. On the other hand, it seems to be a disease. I often use my eyes in front of the computer every day, and my eyes are very dry. This problem has always existed. The same is true when I talk face to face. There is no solution yet. But this has become the object of ridicule by netizens.

3. Talk loudly when shooting a video

People who have no experience like me and don't like to take photos can take videos. They can only take pictures of accounts in daily life. If they are edited into a video, the sound will be very low. Although editing can increase the volume, it is compared to those with radios. Professionals are still much worse. Therefore, you can increase the volume when shooting a video, which not only improves self-confidence, but also has better sound reception.

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