The live broadcast artifact AI humanoid recognition follows the camera, making it easier to interact with fans

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Muyuan Pan/Tilt Y6D is equipped with Ingenic’s ultra-high-efficiency T3IN chip, standard SIMD128 acceleration commands and 1.5Ghz frequency, with strong audio and video algorithm capabilities, and will provide a great expansion in AI for video applications Sex. AI intelligent composition, 2 million pixel level image acquisition system, can identify and track different forms of people and the smallest part of the human body. Very suitable for application scenarios such as selfies, live broadcasts, video conferences, course presentations, cute baby life records, etc.

Do you need to move your phone to find the angle and background when you take a photo? Is the scope of activities too small when the live broadcast brings the goods, and the product display is not strong enough? Are you afraid of blocking the projection in a video conference, and afraid that you will not appear on the scene, and the effect of the explanation will be poor? Do you have to limit your scope of activities for online dance teaching, and worry about being unable to maintain a C position at any time? Do you endure the soreness caused by holding up your phone for more than ten minutes to record the life of a cute baby?

These AI humanoid recognition gimbals are all done for you:

With the pan/tilt camera, you can take a 360° panoramic view, wherever you go, you can choose the angle and background; with the pan/tilt camera, you can walk up and show the clothes and shoes on the live broadcast, and the temperament is even more delicate. It's dead; with the pan/tilt camera, you can see any area of the projection when you pull the phone to the nearest in the video conference, and the font is bigger and clearer; with the pan/tilt camera, you will always be C Bit, always the most appearance! With the camera pan/tilt, the cute baby can be captured even if it crawls all over the house. The mother can also interact with the child in any area and record the cute moments of the cute baby 24 hours a day.

In the past 20 years, Douyin has registered 800 million registered users. From the beginning of the technology flow to the current live streaming of goods, everyone has the opportunity, and it has really made many people become popular overnight and become contemporary Internet celebrities. It also confirmed the sentence "Tik Tok records the good life of the rich". From uploading recorded videos, to live broadcasting, to realizing the goods. Many people have even become short video guides and have reached the pinnacle of life! It is undoubtedly enviable and exciting!

So, how to do a live broadcast without the need for a team?

Of course, the essential thing is the AI humanoid to follow the camera. Put the phone on it, and it can rotate 360°, and track the humanoid infinitely. Rounding off is a professional "photographer"! You can also install a "lighting division" round fill light, allowing you to live broadcast beautifully! The most important thing is not to always touch the phone to change the angle, which will affect the viewing experience of fans and let you completely release your hands. After all, in addition to micro-expression, the effect of gestures is also extremely important for a good image. For example, freeing up hands can be placed on the head to interact with fans "Let's learn meowing, together..." to achieve a perfect live interactive effect.

Recommended reason 1: Rotate at a constant speed without jamming and screen shaking

This tracking pan/tilt has a built-in stepping high-speed motor motor, variable speed rotation does not jitter; it perfectly solves the problem of too fast humanoid movement trajectory during the use of ordinary pan/tilt, which causes delay in tracking; ; The human figure pauses suddenly and causes the screen to shake;

It truly achieves a soft and uniform rotation without jams or screen jams, and it will not cause a humanoid to appear in the mirror due to delay or beyond the motion track. It is more conducive to later video editing, giving video viewers a more perfect viewing experience!

Recommended reason two: two 18650 batteries are rechargeable for long battery life

For cross-border e-commerce, the more benefit is the detachable battery, which can be used without battery or with battery; built-in MicroUSB charging interface, dust-proof, winding, etc. to protect the service life of the machine, just install the battery and plug in the USB cable. Humanized design that can be directly charged and used repeatedly;

Two 2200mAH batteries can last 15 hours even if the gimbal continues to work! It can be used for 50 hours without stopping without rotating, which is absolutely super long battery life! More energy-saving protection, no one in front of the machine, automatic shutdown in 5 minutes, saving power and prolonging the life of the machine.

Recommended reason three: Optional external multi-type brackets, free to use in any scene

Standard British 1/4 nut, can be used with a floor tripod stand for outdoor live broadcast; indoor live broadcast with a multi-functional connector to install a beautifying light fixture; a multi-platform live broadcast multi-functional camera stand; place mobile phones and tablets to truly make selfies Or live broadcast, free your hands, and use it freely in any scene!

USB computer camera

In addition to the above, you may also be concerned about these issues:

Question 1: Will installation be troublesome? How should it be installed?

The standard cover of the PTZ camera is a convenient stand. Press the arrow to turn left or right to open or close the cover; after opening, you can install or remove the battery or select the USB interface to charge; you can press and hold the power button to start Or close

Then choose any type of bracket and put it on your mobile phone or tablet to use directly;

Question 2: Do you need software? Will it be troublesome to operate?

Some camera pan/tilts that require software have privacy drawbacks, and they can only be downloaded in the product's own software to take pictures and videos; live broadcast can only be performed on the App, and cannot use third-party platforms; use requires mobile phone to download the software after face recognition; And this camera pan/tilt can broadcast live, take photos, and record videos without the need for software to match the bracket! Safe, convenient and worry-free.

Since there is AI humanoid recognition and gimbal, there is nothing happier than taking selfies. If so, it’s video shooting; even if you’re not obsessed with beauty in the world, you’re on the road to video shooting. Have fun in this place; follow the PTZ live streaming artifact to make it easier to interact with fans, and to record a good life easily;

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